• Discover authentic Dubai, far from extravagances

    City of excessiveness with its skyscrapers and artificial islands, Dubai is one of the popular destinations to escape the greyness and cold. But this city of the United Arab Emirates has not always been extravagant. The proof is with a few still intact places that testify to the authentic Dubai and that it is important to discover.

    Ali Bin Abitaleb Mosque

    To enjoy the authentic Dubai, just start by appreciating the true architecture of the United Arab Emirates. The Ali Bin Abitaleb Mosque is a perfect example. Its mosaic tiles form a true work of art in the open: shades of blue, green, white and mauve adorn the facade of this Iranian mosque.

    Another mosque in Dubai is one of the must-see places to visit. This is the Jumeirah Mosque. Imposing by its beauty but also its size, the mosque of Jumeirah is distinguished by its huge dome and two high minarets, built with modern materials. At night, the illuminated Jumeirah Mosque illuminates the city. Namely, this mosque is the only one in Dubai to allow non-Muslims to return and visit.

    The Dubai Museum

    In Al Fahidi fort, built in 1787, is the Dubai Museum, which traces the history of the city to perfection. Exhibitions depict the daily life of the time before the discovery of oil deposits in the 1960s, and scenes of traditional Arab habitat reflect Dubai's past. The museum also houses an exhibition on pearling pearl oyster diving, with measuring devices, weighing and old screens still used by merchants.

    The old city of Dubai

    To fully appreciate the traditional and authentic Dubai, head to the old town which has fortunately escaped the real estate bidding of recent years. The districts of Bur Dubai and Deira will immerse you in a traditional Middle Eastern ambience with old houses built in a more local style. To return to the origins of Dubai, we must also go to Bastakiya. This heritage village is no longer inhabited, but there are about fifty houses that have been renovated. These are the first homes built by the Persians on their arrival in Dubai.

    The bazaars

    How not to enjoy Dubai without hooking by the old souks? Typical of the Middle East, the local markets known as "souks" are full of treasure and must-see wonders. The 3 main souks of Old Dubai have specialized in spices, gold jewelry and fabrics. stay at atana hotel dubai to enjoy during your stay. To buy gold and jewels of good quality, it is enough to make a hook by the Gold Souk in the district of Deira. As its name suggests, this is the market dedicated to gold in Dubai. The many jewels are on either side of a sheltered street under a wooden roof. Here gold is sold everywhere and by weight! Nowhere else in the world will you find such low prices for gold. It would be a shame not to go for a ride and buy a souvenir for your half, your mom or just to make you happy. Perfect for shopping in Dubai otherwise.

    Discover authentic Dubai, far from extravagances


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