• City of excessiveness with its skyscrapers and artificial islands, Dubai is one of the popular destinations to escape the greyness and cold. But this city of the United Arab Emirates has not always been extravagant. The proof is with a few still intact places that testify to the authentic Dubai and that it is important to discover.

    Ali Bin Abitaleb Mosque

    To enjoy the authentic Dubai, just start by appreciating the true architecture of the United Arab Emirates. The Ali Bin Abitaleb Mosque is a perfect example. Its mosaic tiles form a true work of art in the open: shades of blue, green, white and mauve adorn the facade of this Iranian mosque.

    Another mosque in Dubai is one of the must-see places to visit. This is the Jumeirah Mosque. Imposing by its beauty but also its size, the mosque of Jumeirah is distinguished by its huge dome and two high minarets, built with modern materials. At night, the illuminated Jumeirah Mosque illuminates the city. Namely, this mosque is the only one in Dubai to allow non-Muslims to return and visit.

    The Dubai Museum

    In Al Fahidi fort, built in 1787, is the Dubai Museum, which traces the history of the city to perfection. Exhibitions depict the daily life of the time before the discovery of oil deposits in the 1960s, and scenes of traditional Arab habitat reflect Dubai's past. The museum also houses an exhibition on pearling pearl oyster diving, with measuring devices, weighing and old screens still used by merchants.

    The old city of Dubai

    To fully appreciate the traditional and authentic Dubai, head to the old town which has fortunately escaped the real estate bidding of recent years. The districts of Bur Dubai and Deira will immerse you in a traditional Middle Eastern ambience with old houses built in a more local style. To return to the origins of Dubai, we must also go to Bastakiya. This heritage village is no longer inhabited, but there are about fifty houses that have been renovated. These are the first homes built by the Persians on their arrival in Dubai.

    The bazaars

    How not to enjoy Dubai without hooking by the old souks? Typical of the Middle East, the local markets known as "souks" are full of treasure and must-see wonders. The 3 main souks of Old Dubai have specialized in spices, gold jewelry and fabrics. stay at atana hotel dubai to enjoy during your stay. To buy gold and jewels of good quality, it is enough to make a hook by the Gold Souk in the district of Deira. As its name suggests, this is the market dedicated to gold in Dubai. The many jewels are on either side of a sheltered street under a wooden roof. Here gold is sold everywhere and by weight! Nowhere else in the world will you find such low prices for gold. It would be a shame not to go for a ride and buy a souvenir for your half, your mom or just to make you happy. Perfect for shopping in Dubai otherwise.

    Discover authentic Dubai, far from extravagances


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  • Abu dhabi : The city of Exceptional Briliance

    It is a wonderland of domes, mosques, candy cane minarets and sweeping romantic deserts and here you can relish on the essence of Arabia, right from camel racing at dawn to burning-red dunes at sunset. It not only showcases storybook slice of the Gulf, the UAE capital has the contemporary side that is anything but subtle and indulgent.

    Abu Dhabi combines the biggest and the brashest with the flashiest and the fastest. Abu Dhabi is the domain to some of the world’s most thrilling new adventures. It is good to know about some of the city’s perfect spots to live out the millionaire lifestyle for a day.

    The world’s most expensive Mosque

    It may not go back further then the ancient mosques of Mecca, Medina or Damascus or outshine the iconic turquoise-and-gold domed prayer halls of Isfahan, but the august Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque has a bolder calling card. This revered mosque was built recently in the late 1990s, and evolved to be the world’s most expensive mosque. The outer perimeters of the mosque are growing every year to accommodate more worshipers; no one is quite sure of what the final bill will tally up to.

    The mosque is inspired by both Mughal and Moorish mosque architecture and paved with floral marble from – count them – 28 different countries, the mosque has a trifecta of acmes. Under your feet spreads out the world’s largest carpet, made by a 1,200-strong army of the finest Persian carpet weavers. Just lift your head and view the roof, there hangs the mosque’s seven gold-and Swarovski-crystal chandeliers. The title was usurped as the worlds largest by neighbouring Qatar; they remain incomparably the most expensive disco glitter balls ever made. Also you could view the piece de resistance: towering above the 1,000 columns outside is the glistening main white marble dome. It stands 85 metres in height, and is know as the largest of its kind.

    So want to catch glimpse of this stunning terrain? There are regular tours run every morning except for Friday. Keep in mind that you are in a Muslim country, so strict dress code is followed and women are expected to cover their head.

    The world’s fastest roller coaster

    Ferrari World, the world’s largest indoor theme park also attracts lot of tourists. It is also home to the world’s fastest roller coaster  It is surely an extreme white knuckle ride for adrenalin junkies and petrol heads; it is interesting to note that Formula Rossa ride reaches speeds of 240 km per hour in less than five seconds and recreates the Formula 1 cockpit experience in all its adventure. You will be speeding through chicanes with a maximum acceleration G-Force of 1.7Gs, and the result would be, you will be having a face that looks like a sand-blasted desert dromedary. Try it regardless, it will be worth it.

    The world’s most expensive hotel

    Visit the big, brash and bold – it is said that even the cakes served at the Emirates Palace are made from gold. It can described as a cross between fairy tale castle from Sleeping Beauty and Aladdin’s Cave of Wonders, the capital’s self proclaimed seven-star Emirates Palace is the world’s most expensive hotel built to a budget of $3 billion. Stunningly grandiose, it symbolizes the regal opulence that the world has come to expect from Gulf: Where else can you expect such a marvelous star attraction?

    Glide past the fountains, water features and landscape gardens, and follow any number of gold-painted corridors to a surreal backdrop of excessive chandeliers, ballrooms and decadent restaurants and drinking saloons, thankfully open to non-guests, so make use of the opportunity. Those who are there with cash to splash, the Emirates Palace also presents the world’s most expensive tailor-made holiday at one million dollars.

    On your desert trot, if the bling becomes too much, put on your sunglasses to explore the kilometres of golden beaches at the hotel’s doorstep or throw moderation to the desert wind and attempt to eat your own weight in edible gold, with the hotel’s famous desserts and cakes. If you visit during December, you will be blinded by the world’s most ornamented Christmas tree.

    Want more ?

    Abu Dhabi is the land of some more strange wonders – the world’s most expensive license plate, the world’s furthest leaning man-made tower and – er – the world’s tallest flagpole. It does not end here, the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building), and Meydan (the world’s most expensive racetrack) are on show in nearby Dubai. At the famous Burj Al Arab, you will be served up what is said to be the world’s most expensive cocktail.

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  • luxury yoga in Thailand!

    Looking For Something Fun New And Exciting To Do On Your Next Holiday?


    For those of you looking to explore both new parts of the world and yourself, this trip is ideal. Combining the benefits of yoga such as self-awareness and physical progression with all the mind stimulating sensations of discovering a new area. The culture and local Thai cuisine are guaranteed to be the ultimate relaxing getaway.


    You will be staying in a luxurious private villa with stunning views of the ocean, its own private swimming pool, a gym area, massage space and personal staff and even your own private chef! Greet each day with yoga al fresco either under the sala, on a spacious terrace or a designated indoor area. All whilst listening to the sound of the waves and breathing the fresh sea breeze. Phuket has a lot to offer so you can choose a wide variety of activities and experiences to do on your free time. Whether you would like to visit the vibrant Phuket town, explore the islands, spend a peaceful day at the beach, have an up-close encounter with elephants or dolphins or simply relax at the villa unwinding to a massage; the choice is yours!

    Baan Paa Talee is a gleaming sanctuary of style, catering effortlessly for all types of holiday or special occasions. From weddings and executive escapes to multi-family groups. A raft of first class facilities and the provision of top-notch service combine to create a unique, extravagant resort-style experience but with the exclusivity that only a private luxury villa can deliver.




    This astounding villa on Phuket’s exclusive Cape Amarin Estate is as flexible as it is spectacular. It offers five-, seven- and nine-bedroom options, sleeping up to 20 guests. Recline into one of the many options and enjoy the extraordinary ocean views as the design of the villa allows you to do so from any of the rooms or from an array of outdoor spaces. Palm trees, frangipani and swathes of fiery ginger create an exotic tropical haven at this dramatic cliff-side villa, where water features gently echo the song of trickling water streams.


    Baan Paa Talee’s nine bedrooms are arranged over four spacious levels. Rooms have been thoughtfully situated – some in splendid isolation and others in convenient two’s and three’s, ideal for families. You can expect to find top-quality furniture, sublimely comfortable king-size beds and large, luxurious bathrooms in all rooms.


    The self-contained two-bedroomed Ocean Villa, which lies in perfect privacy closest to the water’s edge, makes for a romantic hideaway for honeymooning couples. Providing a magical ‘tree sala’ which sets an enchanting setting for wedding vows.


    A dining room which can accommodate 20 guests along with an upscale guest kitchen, a relaxed sitting room and open-air reception lounge crown Baan Paa Talee’s living areas. Below is the villa’s ‘chill out’ zone where a 25-metre infinity pool pours into the ocean, capped at one end by a dining pavilion with sunken seating and at the other by a shaded jacuzzi. Sun loungers flank the pool whilst a bar, pool table and more comfy seating invite you to mellow down in the sun. This level also includes an air-conditioned media room where you can literally “chill” out to your favourite movie.


    The staff has been hand-picked to make up the team who cater to your every request with a friendly attitude. The chef’s skill and creativity is evident in every dish she presents, making Baan Paa Talee a dream for those wishing to explore Thai cuisine.


    Baan Paa Talee lies between laid-back Kamala and party-town Patong on Phuket’s west coast. However, once you arrive at the villa, guests may well find that any ambitions to venture further afield just dissapear.

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  • About the city

    The crowd is attracted to sparkling ski slopes of the Alps, sunlit vineyards and sun-baked beaches of this beautiful country. France is a country which draws more tourists than any other country. It is easy to see why this is the case given France’s great reputation for fine wines, good food, high fashion and relaxed lifestyle. But while France is undoubtedly a place to eat and drink till your heart is content, there’s much more to this fascinating country than only cutting-edge cuisines. Spring is the best time to be here, and those interested in winter sports can drop at the Alps and Pyrenees with some polar gear. The summers are very hot and winters are moderate. An all-weather coat and pair of comfortable shoes are a must. Women, especially, should carry cocktail dresses as some of the restaurants ask for it. When visiting any religious site, refrain from wearing sleeveless shirt and shorts, as they are disliked at such places.

    Travel Tips to France


    English is widely spoken here, although French is the official language. Handshaking is
    customary greeting and women should be kissed on both cheeks and should be addressed
    as Monsieur or Madame. French people are popularly known for their like for stylish sportswear
    and of course perfumes. Nudism is allowed on some beaches only. Social functions, fine
    restaurants, and clubs call for more formal dressing. When at a formal dinner, wait till the host
    gestures to start the dinner. Smoking is banned in public places.

    Site Seeing

    Paris, the city of love, is a massive city with many attractions in reachable distance thanks to the
    highly efficient public transport system. It boasts of more than 80 museums and 200 arts
    galleries. A trip to Disney land and the magnificent Eiffel tower will make the trip worthwhile.
    The attractive tourists spots are the Arc de triomphe which spans over the tomb of an
    unknown soldier, the forbidding gothic architecture of the Notre Dame cathedral, the picturesque
    Sacre Coeur, to Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, the Moulin Rouge and boat tours along the
    Seine. Get the Carte Musees-Monuments pass, which gives access to 70 monuments and


    Although service tax is included in the bill, a humble tip won’t cost much. An extra dollar can be given as tip to the waiter. A tip of $2 can be left for the bus drivers.

    Getting There

    The national airline that operates here is Air France. Many low-cost airlines, too, provide services from UK. Paris-Charles de Gaulle also known as Roissy-Charles de Gaulle is the major airport of France, which is 23km away from the city. Coaches, taxis, limousines services are provided at the airport. The railway facility provided by the airport, claims to reach all the terminals within eight minutes. These trains run 24 hours. The other airports that offer flight services are Paris-Orly, Marseille, Bordeaux, Nice, Lyon and Toulouse.

    Ferry and cruise trips can be made from ports such as Atlantic, North Sea, Mediterranean, and Havre.

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  • Abu Dhabi Sightseeing Tour

    Abu Dhabi Sightseeing Tour – Welcome to Desert Safari Abu Dhabi Tour Company to Explore the Top Attractions Abu Dhabi Sightseeing Tour and Things to Do in Abu Dhabi !. 

    The meaning of the term Abu Dhabi means in Arabic – father of the gazelle which derived this name as a tribute to hordes of gazelles and Arabian Oryx’s that once wandered the parched deserts of emirates. In the contemporary period Abu Dhabi is world famous as one of the world’s largest producers of oil; it is one of the richest country among the Middle East Countries.

    A drive from the Hotel to the south for about 140 kms would take you to Abu Dhabi the Capital of UAE.

    You will pass through Jebel Al Free Zone on your trip towards Abu Dhabi. When you reach the border of Abudhabi you will be surprised by the eye-soothing views of plantations along the sides of the road. As you continue journey, you will come across and witness the fantastic villages of Abu Dhabi. Your first halt will be at ‘Grand Mosque or Sheikh Zayed Mosque’ which is considered as the 3rd largest mosque in the world, where you could explore the exemplary collected works of marbles from the different parts of the world which also showcases the world’s largest carpet designed by Iranian artists.

    Except Friday, Non-muslims can visit the mosque with a dress code that is conservative. Followed by this, it will be a drive to Cultural Foundation(established in 1981). A mere ten minutes walk would take you to ‘Qasr Al Hosn’ (the term denote ‘White Fort’ – oldest stone construction in the city) (now it is closed due to renovation)

    Then comes the drive to the enjoy the splendor of the panoramic view of the Al Bateen District where the ‘Presidential Palace’ is located, and then head towards ‘Heritage Village’ to an original model of Bedouin encampment before oil prosperity hit the region to its present stature (Friday and Sunday it remains closed). The next stop is at breakwater, where you can catch glimpse of city’s skyline and could also have the lunch here. The journey continues and the next destination is the ‘Dates Market‘which can be reached after travelling through the ‘Corniche’ of Abu Dhabi. Next is the drive back to Dubai covering Abu Dhabi ‘Al Yas Island, Al Sadiyaat Island and finally the Formula-1 racing circuit on Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed road.

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